is the practice of introducing unrelated genetic material into a breeding line. It

is essential in every purebred breed to ensure the breeds future, by broadening the gene pool and strengthening the immune system and vigor in that breed. Our cat breeds are no different and therefore responsible outcrossing is encouraged. Even though outcrossing is the most efficient way to breed away from genetic problems, testing for genetic diseases is still required. Through careful outcrossing, breeders can expand the Gene Pool, and retain the integrity of the breed.


Introducing our F1 Devon Rex/American Shorthair girl Nada Silver Belles
Dam: Russellers Found an Angel 
aka: June Bug

Sire: Dandy Curls Boston Legal 
"Nada Ransom Love Note" & "Nada Bruno Love King" from the Outcross litter pictured above.  Their grandmother was a solid chocolate DSH that we adopted and bred to our handsome imported Sphynx stud VandeBald Siyaya's Fumble who is now in a pet home and continues to be HCM scanned yearly.  We kept a beautiful Seal Mink girl name "Nada Saving My Cake FURR Later" & bred her to Koro's Dakota one of our DR males.  This litter produced such diversity and world class winning cats.  We kept Ransom as well as her brother Bruno for our breeding program.

Nada Lena's Lil Ms Te Lulah
Sire: Nada Hendrix Purple Haze
Dam: Nada Fumbles Minime Lena 
El Maestro of Nada
We are pleased to welcome this gorgeous Blue Eyed Black boy into our Outcross Program.  The interesting thing is this boy has a rare dominant blue eyed gene some call the Ojos Azules and will allow this guy to produce kittens with blue eyes and/or Odd Eyes.   We have been asked to send blood samples to
Dr. Leslie Lyons as she is very interested in learning more about the genetics of these amazing eyes & their genetic story
Stay Tuned for more news....   
It is worth mentioning here that ELF, DWELF, SMELFs, and BAMBINO cats are not TICA or CFA approved breeds.
~The Munchkin was used to create the "Bambino" cat. Munchkins are NOT permitted as outcrosses in the Sphynx Breed.~
  ~The American Curl & Highlander were used to create the "ELF" cat. These are NOT permitted as an outcross in the Sphynx Breed.~
 ~The "Dwelf" cat was created outcrossing the Sphynx to Munchkin and American Curl.~
 My concerns with these "made-up" breeds are that the short legged gene, the hairless gene, and the curled ear gene are all mutations. I don't feel that it is a wise choice to be using double and triple mutations with the Sphynx breed. Many breeders who breed the Elf, Dwelf & Bambino cats claim that they are an approved TICA breed. THIS IS NOT TRUE! Elf, Dwelf, and Bambino do have "Experimental New Breed" status in TICA, but they have not yet been approved as a new breed. Below are links to the CFA and TICA recognized breeds (these are links to the TICA and CFA websites)-
CFA Recognized breeds- http://www.cfa.org/client/breeds.aspx
TICA Recognized breeds-http://tica.org/public/breeds.php
Many of these breeders also say that their kittens are registered as Sphynx, and their kittens may come with papers. But only an approved outcross bred to the Sphynx, or a true Sphynx to Sphynx breeding can be registered as an approved Sphynx litter... Which means these kittens are coming with false (incorrect) paperwork. These breeders claim that the curled ears or short legs are "Sphynx New Traits", but to be a new trait, the new trait must be approved by the Sphynx Breed Committee. The Sphynx Breed Committee has not approved any "New Traits" for the Sphynx breed at this time. However, when these outcross breedings are registered as "Elf" (or Bambino/Dwelf) and their papers say "Experimental New Breed", these papers are correct.
 I am sure it is obvious from the paragraph above that I am opposed to these unapproved outcrosses. I just feel that it is sad for all the long time breeders who have worked so hard to make the Sphynx breed what it is today, for the Dwelf, Elf and Bambino cat breeders to be abusing the Sphynx bloodlines simply to create something "new".....
isn't the Sphynx breed wonderful just the way it is?

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