Nada Sphynx,  Devon Rex & Lykoi have proudly served "OUR" breeds by dedicating time to rescue.....  

We  currently do not take rescues into our home as we quickly learned many have ongoing health problems as well as behavioral issues that impact our resident breeding cats & places their health in jeopardy.   We do work with our friend Ericka at Happy Cat Rescue in Summerfield, Florida to help place rescues with foster & permanent families.

Astralkats Obscene Francine was rescued from a kill shelter in MO, by the amazing Heidi Schamberger of K9 Closet and then made her way to live with us.  She was just over 10 years old when she joined our family and after 8 months we decided it was in the best interest of Francine & our pet boy Leupold to move with one of our loving pet families where she passed away on her 12th birthday....she was so loved and is dearly missed by everyone who knew her.....  

This is Blueberry kisses (aka Angel), I rescued her off of Craig's List after she was bounced around from owner to owner to owner... 

She is a very sweet little girl that came to me with a horrible Upper Respiratory Infection.  She is being nursed back to health so that she can be as healthy as possible before we find her a very good forever home. 



Blueberry was spayed today and the doctor said that by the size of her uterus she has had several litters of kittens.  She is anemic and will need vitamins.  Her right eye has damage that caused her third eye-lid to adhere to her retina.  Poor girl was not treated very well by her previous owners.

The Happy Ending:

Angel is going to a wonderful home that is going to give her lots of love.  I am thankful that she will be loved and cared for properly. 


Rescuing cats in need is a very gratifying experience and makes you really think how some people really do not value these wonderful gifts.  If you can rescue please do so it is very rewarding to your heart and soul!!! If you have an animal that you must rehome please ensure it is spayed/neutured before allowing it to leave your home.